2023 3rd International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Intelligent Computing (CAMMIC 2023)

2023年3月24日/ 24th March, 2023

09: 00 - 17: 00

Test Meeting/会前测试

2023年3月25日/ 25th March, 2023

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Main Conference(09:00-11:55)

Session Chair: Prof. Jincai   Chang(常锦才教授),

North China University of   Science and Technology, China

09: 00 - 09: 10

Opening Address

Prof. Xiyin Wang, North China   University of Science and Technology, China

09: 10 - 09: 15


嘉宾报告 / Keynote speeches

09: 15 –   09: 55

Keynote Speech 1: Methods to   decipher complex plant genomes


Prof. Xiyin Wang, North China University   of Science and Technology, China

09: 55 –   10: 35

Keynote Speech 2: Group Role Assignment with Constraints (GRA+): A New   Category of Assignment Problems

Prof. Haibin Zhu,   Nipissing University, Canada

10: 35 –   11: 15

Keynote Speech 3: Frontiers of   Machine Learning: Technology and Society

Witold Pedrycz教授(阿尔伯塔大学,加拿大)

Prof. Witold Pedrycz, University   of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

11: 15 – 11:   55

Keynote Speech 4:Multiscale methods and analysis   for the highly oscillatory nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation
包维柱教授(新加坡国立大学, 新加坡)

Prof. Weizhu Bao, National   University of Singapore, Singapore

11: 55 – 14:00  

Poster Session

Main Conference(14:00-17:40):   Keynote Speeches & Oral Presentations

Session Chair: Prof. Jincai Chang(常锦才教授),

North China University of Science and Technology, China

14: 00 –   14: 40

Keynote Speech 5: On Interval   Type-2 Fuzzy Moving Average Control Charts

Lazim   Abdullah教授 (马来西亚登嘉楼大学,马来西亚)

Prof.   Lazim Abdullah, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

14: 40 –   15: 20

Keynote Speech 6:Gradient-Driven Parking   Navigation with Continuous Information Potential Field Based on WSNs


Prof. Wei Wei, Xi'an University   of Technology, China

15: 20 – 16:   00

Keynote Speech 7:Some new progress in sparse   recovery


Prof. Jian Wang, Fudan University,   China

16: 00 – 16:   40

Keynote Speech 8:Global growth   forecast and protective measures analysis of monkeypox


Prof. Yudong Zhang, University   of Leicester, UK

16: 40 – 17: 20

Keynote Speech 9:TBD


Prof. Jianhua Tang, South China   University of Technology, China

Oral Presentations

17: 20 – 17: 30

Oral Presentation 1:Bernoulli polynomial approximation method for solving the   multi-dimensional Volterra integral equations with variable-order weakly   singular kernels

Yifei Wang(王艺霏),   University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

17: 30 – 17: 40

Oral Presentation 2:Predicting the Number of Nuclear Weapons over the Next 100   Years Based on a Rolling ARIMA Model

Bohan Cui(崔博涵),   Chengdu University of Technology, China

Parallel Session(14:00- ):   Oral Presentations

Conference ID: 829 3871 9698     Password: 987940

14: 00 – 14: 10

Oral Presentation 3:A prediction method of grain yield based on SES-SVR   residual correction

Guoliang Wang(王国良), LiaoNing   Petrochemical University, China

14: 10 – 14: 20

Oral Presentation 4:Survey on the application of machine learning in elevator   fault diagnosis

Jun Gong(龚俊), China   Jiliang University, China

14: 20 – 14: 30

Oral Presentation 5:The Gutman-Index of the Concurrent and Double Circle Graph

Mengmeng Feng (冯萌萌), Hebei   College of Science and Technology, China

14: 30 – 14: 40

Oral Presentation 6:Molten steel detection method based on LFMCW radar ranging

Qixiang Zhang(张琦翔), Inner   Mongolia University of Science & Technology, China

14: 40 – 14: 50

Oral Presentation 7:Optimization of LNG Supply Chain Based on MILP Model

Ansen Hu(胡安森), Zhejiang   Ocean University, China

14: 50 – 15: 00

Oral Presentation 8:A size-structured model describing flocculation of   unicellular algae

Dongdong Ni(倪冬冬), University   of Science and Technology Beijing, China

15: 00 – 15: 10

Oral Presentation 9:Improved Adaptive Ant Colony Algorithm for Obstacle   Avoidance Path Planning of Mobile Robots

Yuming Xu(徐翊铭), Guizhou   University, China

15: 10 – 15: 20

Oral Presentation 10:Analysis and Visualization of the Parameter Space of   Matrix Factorization-based Recommender Systems

Hao Wang (汪昊), Ratidar   Technologies LLC

15: 20 – 15: 30

Oral Presentation 11:Evaluation for space frequency and orbit resources using   EWM-AHP

Siyuan Yu (于思源), Academy   of Military Science, China

15: 30 – 15: 40

Oral Presentation 12:Stability of the unsafe production behavior random   evolution system in the mean sense

Siyuan Yu (刘军), TaiShan   University, China

15: 40 – 15: 50

Oral Presentation 13:Particle swarm optimization for optimal design of   experiments in quantile regression

Siyuan Yu (邢辰), Qilu   University of technology, China

15: 50 – 16: 00

Oral Presentation 14:Research on Collaborative Risk Governance Mechanism of   Energy-saving Building Projects Based on Tripartite Evolutionary Game

Xufeng Xiong(熊旭枫), University   of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

16: 00 – 16: 10

Oral Presentation 15:Research on added waves resistance in misalignment   paralleling of two ships

Yuanhui Wei (危远辉), Dalian   Maritime University, China

16: 10 – 16: 20

Oral Presentation 16:An Algorithm based Road Planning for Nature Reserves:   Taking the Maasai Mara National Reserve as an example

Yingying Gu (顾莹莹), Hohai   University, China

16: 20 – 16: 30

Oral Presentation 17:Optimal strategy of differential game pursuit problem of   graph attention network

Zhaolong Liu (刘肇隆), Guizhou   University, China

16: 30 – 16: 40

Oral Presentation 18:Stability analysis of game models with fixed and   stochastic delays

Limi Hu (胡黎秘), Guizhou   University, China

16: 40 – 16: 50

Oral Presentation 19:Evolution analysis of highway PPP mode based on stochastic   evolutionary game

Xia Wu (吴霞), Guizhou   University, China

16: 50 – 17: 00

Oral Presentation 20:Fresh agricultural products supply chain based on the   three sides evolutionary game analysis

Wen Huang(黄文), Guizhou   University, China

17: 00 – 17: 10

Oral Presentation 21:Hopf Bifurcations in Delayed symmetry Rock–Paper–Scissors   Evolutionary game Imitation Dynamic

Lin Yang(杨林), Guizhou   University, China

17: 10 – 17: 20

Oral Presentation 22:Some property of tracial approximation -algebras and it’s   application

Chengyu Long(龙成语), Shanghai   Maritime University, China

17: 20 – 17: 30

Oral Presentation 23:A Study of Ancient Glass Type Prediction based on Logistic   Regression Models

Chengyu Long(宫艺侨), Liaoning   Normal University, China

17: 30 – 17: 40

Oral Presentation 24:Research on Ancient Glass Sub-classification based on   Clustering Models

Chengyu Long(宫艺侨), Liaoning   Normal University, China

2023年3月25日/ 25th March, 2023

11: 55 – 14: 00
  海报展示/Poster Presentations

Poster 1:Stability   analysis and optimal control of an infectious disease model considering   vaccination

Zhuohang Qin(秦茁航),Northwest Minzu University, China

Poster 2:Enumeration   of sharp peaks on Motzkin paths

Ruilong Yang(杨瑞龙),Tianjin University of Technology and Education, China

Poster 3:The   rice canopy density prediction model research based on SVM

Keyin Chen(陈科尹),Jiaying University, China

Poster 4:Research   on transient displacement response of the deviation correction mechanism of   lithium-ion battery high-speed winding machine

Zhipeng Lin(林志鹏),South China University of Technology, China

Poster 5:Stability   analysis and optimal control of an infectious disease model considering   vaccination

Xinjie Zhu (朱鑫杰),Northwest Minzu University, China

Poster 6:UAV   Swarm Control Algorithm Based on Kalman Filter and Particle Swarm   Optimization

Tingting Yan (颜婷婷),Shenyang Jianzhu University, China

Poster 7:Stability   analysis and optimal control of an infectious disease model considering   vaccination

Wenyi Chen (陈文怡),Northwest Minzu University, China

Poster 8:Deep   Domain Adaptation-based Seizure Detection Method

Wenlong Qiu (邱文龙),Shandong Technology and Business University, China

Poster 9:Research   on UAV Safety Risk Assessment and Early Warning Based on SEM-MFCE

Weiguang Cao (曹伟光),Wuhan University of Technology, China

Poster 10:A   novel signal reconstruction method with sharp feature preservation

Saikun Gu (古赛昆),Jiangnan University, China

Poster 11:Modeling   and Simulation of Fall Process Dynamics Based on a Simplified Human Body   Model

Wei An (安为),Changsha University of Science & Technology, China

Poster 12:Prediction   of Wordle Player Data Based on ARIMA Time Series Model

Jiaqi Liu, Beijing University of Aeronautics and   Astronautics, China

Poster 13:Discrete   optimization and optimization of ethanol preparation problem

Kaichen Ouyang(欧阳凯晨), University   of Science and Technology of China

Poster 14:Deep   Neural Network Galerkin Method for phase-field model of phase fluid flow   system

Liang Ge(葛亮), University   of Jinan, China

Poster 15:Numerical   and Graphical Analysis of Competitive Hunter Model from Lotka-Volterra Model

Tao Liu(柳陶),Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao, China

Poster 16:Improved   Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Hyperbolic Cross Points Algorithm

Yanshu Li(李妍姝), Dalian   Jiaotong University, China

Poster 17:High-pressure   tubing pressure control based on MATLAB simulation

Jianqiu Chen(陈建球), Nanning   University, China

Poster 18:Intelligent   Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Support Vector Machine

Wenzhe Cai(蔡文哲), Xi’an   University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Poster 19:Earthquake   electromagnetic precursor anomaly detection method based on empirical mode   decomposition
 Bangjie Xu(徐邦杰),   Southeast University, China

Poster 20:Prediction   of Investment in the Space Industry Based on Time Series Analysis

Tao Liu(柳陶),Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao, China

Poster 21:A   Forest Management Planning Strategy Based on Leslie Model and Simulated   Annealing Algorithm

Yanlu Sun(孙嫣璐),Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Poster 22:Numerical   analysis of the influence of brash ice on propeller performance with CFD-DEM   method

Xiao Wen(文潇),Marine Design & Research Institute of China, China